Tuesday, 17 October 2017

More Tasting in the Finger Lakes! Come join us!

Welcome back, Ferryland Lakefront cabins Finger Lakes blog readers! We’re diving right into part two of our wine/beer/liquor/cider tasting of the Finger Lakes series this week. Last blog, you heard a bit of history behind the long tradition of fermented beverages in the area, and a short overview of how these tasting tours usually work. This week, we’ll go a bit more in depth into some of the actual trails, wineries, breweries, distilleries and cideries available for a visit!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t start off with one of the largest and most well known in the area: Seneca Lake Wine Trail. With over 30 participating wineries, the trail wraps around Seneca Lake and offers an impressive variety of different wines as well as several breweries, cideries and even a meadery. Seneca Lake is the deepest of the Finger Lakes, its microclimate perfect for grape growing. This trail is definitely worth a visit or five…it’ll take at least that many to try all the member wineries! Check out their website for more info on participating wineries, popular varieties, and special events: https://senecalakewine.com

Another great wine trail to visit: Cayuga Lake Wine Trail. Book a weekend at one of the nearby resorts or bed and breakfasts in the area, and spend a few days drinking wine and exploring! The trail boasts not only an expansive variety of wines to suit your tastes, but a long list of nearby restaurants to visit and events to check out! There are so many joint packages to take advantage of; just take a look at their website: http://cayugawinetrail.com

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to plug every wine trail in the area – but we’ll end with a good one, and bridge into more of the distilleries and cideries. Lake Ontario Wine Trail stretches across  Wayne County along the shores of – you guessed it – Lake Ontario. The dedicated blog-readers among you (or those familiar with the area) will already know: Wayne County (where Sodus is located) is known for its excellent fruit farming – some of the best in the state. As a result, the wine, spirits and ciders produced along this trail are nothing short of exceptional.And of course, the trail also offers the incomparable beauty of Great Lake Ontario, a number of bed and breakfasts and inns, restaurants, shops and farm markets to visit along the way! More information here: https://www.lakeontariowinetrail.com/

The tasting doesn’t stop there! There are a number of cideries in the Finger Lakes region, of course, because what is Upstate New York without apple farming? A notable few (but by no means an exhaustive list) include Finger Lakes Cider House, Black Diamond Cider, Eve’s Cidery, Redbyrd Orchard Cider and South Hill Cider. Here’s a website for the Finger Lakes Cider Alliance – check them out for more information about the variety of hard ciders offered in the area! http://www.fingerlakescideralliance.com

And of course we can’t forget the breweries and distilleries, expertly and artfully utilizing the locally harvested grains and fruit in the area. An extensive list of all the establishments you’ll need to suit every nuanced palate can be found in either of these links:

And lastly – check out our very own Wayne County Tourism website! A bit north of the Finger Lakes Vacation Rentals region, Wayne County and Lake Ontario still offer some of the best fermented beverage tasting we can recommend – especially because of that fruit farming advantage we mentioned.

Thanks for reading, wine (or beer or cider or spirit) fiends – and happy tasting! 

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Friday, 11 August 2017

Vacation Rentals Finger Lakes Restaurants Summary

Hey Sodus/Finger Lakes area Vacation Rentals Finger Lakes cottage guests! So we’ve covered a lot of notable restaurants in the area in the past few months. But let’s say you’re staying at one of our cottages in the Sodus area right now, and it’s already dinnertime, and you need to decide on a restaurant soon. You probably don’t have the time to go back and read all of those individual reviews; so we’re using this blog as your abridged restaurant guide. We’ve condensed each restaurant review into a short synopsis, designed to give you an overview and help with quick decision-making!

1.      Orbakers4793 NY-104, Williamson, NY 14589   
Open since 1932, this drive-in restaurant has a distinct ‘60’s diner feel - complete with tons of burger options and malts to die for. Orbaker’s is the perfect stop for a quick lunch or dinner if you’re in a hurry. While known for their all-American grill options like burgers, hot dogs and fries, the restaurant also serves a nice variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and even steak. Or, Orbaker’s is a great stop if you’re craving an ice cream cone – they offer soft-serve as well as dozens of Perry’s hard icecream flavors to choose from – perfect for a hot summer day! Seating available at the bar and outside, as well as their semi-new air-conditioned dining hall addition.

2.     El Rincon6974 Ridge Rd, Sodus NY 14551 

If you like Mexican food, El Rincon is the place for you. This restaurant serves the most authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine we have ever had – and for an affordable price, too. The influx of migrant workers in the Sodus area due to the seasonal fruit farming industry allowed for the inception of this delicious eatery. And the inside is filled with festive decorations – bright colors and cultural ornaments that, when paired with the authentic dishes, will make you feel like you stepped right into Mexico.

3Bad to the Bone BBQ5120 NY-104, Williamson, NY
If you’re planning a party or get together with friends, and need a catered meal – look no further than Bad to the Bone Barbeque. Known for their authentic, down-home barbecue cooking, the restaurant has won trophies for the best barbeque food in Rochester on multiple occasions. Barbecue chicken, pulled pork, ribs, corn on the cob, potatoes, corn bread…all staple entrees and sides available for catering or eating in. Bad to the Bone also offers other options like fried chicken, fish, and even sandwiches or burgers. 

4.      Steger Haus7171 N Geneva Rd, Sodus, NY
Looking for a nice sit-down restaurant, and in the mood for something a little different? Steger Haus is a great option, specializing in both German and American cuisine. They have the seating to accommodate both large banquets and intimate family dinners, and every entrée comes with access to the salad bar. Steger Haus is open Tuesday to Sunday year-round, and also full-bar service – so stop by for a few drinks with some friends, or order a few glasses of wine at dinner! Keep an eye out also for their ongoing specials: $13.95 prime-rib Wednesdays, or stuffed pork chops for $17.95 on the first Saturday of every month. A great lunch or dinner option for the whole family.

5. Burnap’s7277 Maple Ave. Exd, Sodus NY 
Burnap’s Farm Market and Garden Cafe is typically known best for the “farm market” part of their title over the “garden café” part. They sell delicious fresh fruit, baked goods and ice cream, and their playground, goats to feed and seasonal corn maze make them a perfect place to let kids run around while enjoying a treat. But Burnap’s has recently expanded both seating and full-meal menu options, making it a great place to stop not only for a quick treat - but for lunch or dinner, too.  They offer a number of different salads, wraps, sandwiches and pizza, as well as a kids’ menu. And don’t forget to take some of their famous farm-grown fruit for the road!

6.     Nick’s Family Restaurant7934 Ridge Rd E, Sodus NY
Nick’s Family Restaurant is a classic in Sodus, and as the name suggests, great for the whole family. They offer all sorts of dishes, and are especially known for their affordability. An extensive breakfast (and breakfast for dinner) menu, sandwiches, salads and wraps, burgers, seafood, chicken, steak, Italian…the list goes on an on. Go for a late breakfast or brunch here with the kids, or stop by for dinner when your group can’t decide on what they’re in the mood for. Nick’s specialty is variety.

7.      Captain Jack’s Good Time Tavern8505Greig St, Sodus Point, NY 

Probably the most well-known restaurant in Sodus Point, Captain Jack’s is open year-round and not only offers prime seating next to the lake – but even several private docks to park customer boats while they eat! The restaurant’s popularity stems not only from their great location, but also from the number and variety of dishes offered on their menu. Salad, sandwiches, burgers and steak, chicken, ribs, pizza, seafood…there’s something for everyone. Kids’ menus are also available. Captain Jack’s offers a great example of Sodus Point Vacation Rentals nightlife: they’re open until 2am on the weekends, with live music (and often lots of dancing) throughout the summer, as well as fourteen screens of sports to choose from. 
8.     Bay Street8427 Bay St. Sodus Pont, NY 14555

Another Sodus Point restaurant, Bay Street stands out not only for its rustic décor (both outside and inside), but also for its Caribbean cuisine and almost two-hundred-drink long martini menu. That’s right, you read correctly – two hundred different kinds of martinis to choose from. This Key-West-inspired restaurant offers delicious seafood and Caribbean-esque dishes, as well as a full bar and pool table to keep you and your friends occupied. Trying one of their many martinis is a must. But this restaurant isn’t only for adults; it has the casual charm and ambiance perfect for a relaxed family dinner by the lake. 

9.      HotsPoint8482Greig St, Sodus Point, NY 14555

Hot’s Point offers options similar to Orbaker’s, but they’re located right on the Sodus Point beach. Only open during the summer season, the restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and serves classic summer favorites like burgers, hot dogs, chicken and ice cream. Hot’s Point is a great spot for parents to relax and sit with a cup of coffee or treat for a few hours while kids play on the nearby (visible) playground and beach.

10.  Marlin’s8527Greig St. Sodus Point, NY

Lookout for Marlin’s Restaurant this year: newcomer to the Sodus Point restaurant scene. Located near Captain Jack’s directly on the water, Marlin’s serves American dishes and specializes in seafood. The restaurant has two largebeautiful decks upstairs and down, for outdoor seating on the water, and two menus – one casual, one more upscale. Check ‘em out while you’re in Sodus if you get the chance!

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Steger Haus- More Great food options when visiting us at our Sodus Point Vacation Rentals

Hi Sodus Bay Vacation Rentals and welcome back! We’re continuing our restaurant series this week with another local favorite: Steger Haus Restaurant. Specializing in German and American cuisine, Steger Haus is an awesome local favorite that’s known for its delicious food and great service.

The restaurant is open year round from Tuesday to Sunday, and is also equipped with a full bar. Their menu is extensive, and every entre comes with access to an unlimited soup and salad bar – how can you go wrong? 

Steger Haus is especially well known for a few of their delicious specials. Stop by on a Wednesday night for a mouth-watering prime rib at only $13.95! Or, check out their stuffed pork chops for $17.95 on the first Saturday of every month. 

Chicken schnitzel
Their seamless blend of German and American dishes means there’s something for everyone - from chicken parmesan to chicken schnitzel. Generally, their menu is grouped by specials of the haus, beef, seafood, chicken and veal dishes. 

They can easily accommodate groups, and even have banquet menus, specials and seating available for larger events.  And they have a flat entrance way with attached parking on the side that makes it easy for with limited mobility or in a wheelchair to easily enter the building.  A big plus for dinning with older relatives or large family groups with Vacation Rentals Finger lakes

Steger Haus is a charming, versatile restaurant that’s perfect both for playing it safe with your favorite dishes or for giving their tasty German cuisine a shot! For a comprehensive menu and more information about their hours and specials, check out their website: http://www.stegerhausrestaurant.com/Home_Page.html

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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Orbakers Classic Burgers, Fries and Ice Cream

Hey Sodus Vacation rental Finger Lakes home readers, and welcome back! We promised you a more specialized look into some of the restaurants in the Sodus area, and don't worry – we make good on our promises. First up in the spotlight: Orbaker’s Drive In Restaurant.

Open since 1932, Orbaker’s offers the perfectly rustic drive-in feel. It was even dubbed one of the Food Channel’s Top 10 Roadside Stands.  One of the best things about Orbaker’s, in our opinion, is how it’s grown since its beginning. The restaurant started as a simple drive-in with a bar to eat at and some outside seating. A few years back, however, a whole separate (and air conditioned!) addition was added onto the side, completing Orbaker’s transformation from drive-in to diner-drive-in.

Simply put, Orbaker’s is a classic. Their burgers are unbeatable, and their ice cream and milkshake options follow closely behind. Offering an expansive list of hard ice-cream flavors, they also serve soft ice cream and malted milkshakes that are to die for. A personal favorite would have to be their $1 sundaes – the perfect way to round out any well-balanced Orbaker’s meal.

A few burger favorites offered here include the Hollywood burger, and the Glutton burger. The Hollywood burger is simple and traditional (but always delicious), topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. The Glutton burger, however…that one’s not for the weak of heart (or stomach).  Made up of 2 ground steaks, 4 slices of Swiss cheese, 3 slices of bacon, special sauce, lettuce and tomato, and served on a hard roll with mustard, relish, onions & hot sauce, the Glutton burger will ensure you’re not levaing Orbaker’s hungry.

But wait! That’s not all. Remember the famous Rochester Vacation Rentals garbage plate we mentioned in the last blog? Orbaker’s has that too! Well, at least their version of it. Called the “Winter Beater Plate”, it consists of their homemade macaroni salad and French fries topped with any 2 of the following: ground steaks, cheeseburgers, hot dogs (red or white) or Italian sausage. And of course, don’t forget the mustard, relish, onions and hot sauce on top, all served with a dinner roll!

Orbaker’s is the perfect place for a quick bite to eat with a nostalgic diner-drive-in atmosphere. On a warm summer day, take your food outside to one of the picnic tables and let your ice cream or milkshake cool you down while the kids run on the grass. Or if it’s too hot – head inside for their air-conditioned seating. Orbaker’s is open year round – so what are you waiting for?

Still not convinced? Check out the Orbaker’s website for mouth-watering pictures of their menu, reviews and more! http://orbakers.com

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