Tuesday, 17 October 2017

More Tasting in the Finger Lakes! Come join us!

Welcome back, Ferryland Lakefront cabins Finger Lakes blog readers! We’re diving right into part two of our wine/beer/liquor/cider tasting of the Finger Lakes series this week. Last blog, you heard a bit of history behind the long tradition of fermented beverages in the area, and a short overview of how these tasting tours usually work. This week, we’ll go a bit more in depth into some of the actual trails, wineries, breweries, distilleries and cideries available for a visit!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t start off with one of the largest and most well known in the area: Seneca Lake Wine Trail. With over 30 participating wineries, the trail wraps around Seneca Lake and offers an impressive variety of different wines as well as several breweries, cideries and even a meadery. Seneca Lake is the deepest of the Finger Lakes, its microclimate perfect for grape growing. This trail is definitely worth a visit or five…it’ll take at least that many to try all the member wineries! Check out their website for more info on participating wineries, popular varieties, and special events: https://senecalakewine.com

Another great wine trail to visit: Cayuga Lake Wine Trail. Book a weekend at one of the nearby resorts or bed and breakfasts in the area, and spend a few days drinking wine and exploring! The trail boasts not only an expansive variety of wines to suit your tastes, but a long list of nearby restaurants to visit and events to check out! There are so many joint packages to take advantage of; just take a look at their website: http://cayugawinetrail.com

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to plug every wine trail in the area – but we’ll end with a good one, and bridge into more of the distilleries and cideries. Lake Ontario Wine Trail stretches across  Wayne County along the shores of – you guessed it – Lake Ontario. The dedicated blog-readers among you (or those familiar with the area) will already know: Wayne County (where Sodus is located) is known for its excellent fruit farming – some of the best in the state. As a result, the wine, spirits and ciders produced along this trail are nothing short of exceptional.And of course, the trail also offers the incomparable beauty of Great Lake Ontario, a number of bed and breakfasts and inns, restaurants, shops and farm markets to visit along the way! More information here: https://www.lakeontariowinetrail.com/

The tasting doesn’t stop there! There are a number of cideries in the Finger Lakes region, of course, because what is Upstate New York without apple farming? A notable few (but by no means an exhaustive list) include Finger Lakes Cider House, Black Diamond Cider, Eve’s Cidery, Redbyrd Orchard Cider and South Hill Cider. Here’s a website for the Finger Lakes Cider Alliance – check them out for more information about the variety of hard ciders offered in the area! http://www.fingerlakescideralliance.com

And of course we can’t forget the breweries and distilleries, expertly and artfully utilizing the locally harvested grains and fruit in the area. An extensive list of all the establishments you’ll need to suit every nuanced palate can be found in either of these links:

And lastly – check out our very own Wayne County Tourism website! A bit north of the Finger Lakes Vacation Rentals region, Wayne County and Lake Ontario still offer some of the best fermented beverage tasting we can recommend – especially because of that fruit farming advantage we mentioned.

Thanks for reading, wine (or beer or cider or spirit) fiends – and happy tasting! 

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